Mini Keyboard Trackpad Remote for Android OTG , Nexus 7, Xoom, or PC even Xbox

Keyboard Remote android Pc XboxThis video shows a great little keyboard trackpad opções binárias reais remote that works with OTG Android Devices, PC, Mac, Playstation 3, and Xbox. I love it so much. Even has a laser pointer for the cats! So lets take a look at the wireless remote on the Nexus 7.

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Chameleon Launcher BETA on the Nexus 7

Launcher on Nexus 7 So a little time ago I pledged on Kickstarter to this very promising project called Chameleon. As you know I’m very big on Android because you really can conform it to yourself and your style. This Launcher shows allot of promise and being able to take us in the direction on customizing your launcher based on the time of day, area you are at, data connection. And this excites me. A beta for kickstarter pledges was opened up and everyone who has should be recieving their invite soon. So lets take a look at this beta and see what this launcher has to offer.

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NFC on Android – Demonstrated on Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus

How does NFC Work on AndroidA very cool and cutting edge technology is NFC. Which allows communication opções binárias na bolsa de valores between RFID/NFC Tags and Devices. What this means for us as users is the potential to do so much more with our smartphones. QR Codes are going to be a thing of the past. Check out the video to see a few things you can do with the lovely NFC.

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The Nexus 7 vs the Xoom …Comparison Breakdown

Nexus 7 compared to 10 inch tablet xoomI will let the video do the talking, only because I do way too much of it, but I think it is a solid comparison and can help you formulate a checklist of pros and cons to see which type of device you want…. The Nexus 7 or a 10″ Inch Tablet. Huh ? what do you mean I don’t have the iPad as a choice?

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Connecting Mouse and Keyboard to Nexus 7 and OTG Android Devices Through USB Hub

OTG Nexus 7 Keyboard MouseBack to adventuring through the wonderous world of OTG. On our latest endevour lets break out the USB Hub and show it working on the lovely Nexus 7. There is allot of comments and emails about how the Nexus 7 does not support OTG. They are not entirely true, your nexus 7 has limited host support and you need the OTG dongle in order to get this working. (Tells your android device to power whatever is connected instead of drawing power like it does when charging in a regular usb micro cord). So the Cyberlink hub I use works great. Just remember to plug all your devices ahead of time then connect to your android device and all should register. Enjoy!

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